Since Sept. 2017, I am "Maître de Conférences" (~Assistant Professor) at University Clermont-Auvergne (Clermont-Ferrand, France) in the lab LIMOS and in the Computer Science teaching department.

My research is concerned with graph theory and the topics I work on are related to: coloring, structural properties of graphs, combinatorial optimization (unfortunately limited to the stable set polytope), enumeration algorithms, reconfiguration problems, ...

I am part of ANR part GrR (PI: Nicolas Bousquet) and the unformal group Alcoloco.

I am currently co-supervising one PhD student: Caroline Brosse (2019- ...), co-supervised with Vincent Limouzy and Lucas Pastor.


Past projects/grants/awards:

  • ANR Project STINT (2014-2017) - PI: Nicolas Trotignon; groups MC2 (LIP, Lyon), G-SCOP (Grenoble) and COATI (I3S, Sophia Antipolis).
  • Grant INS2I JCJC project STAB (2018)
  • 2016 Charles Delorme Prize for my PhD manuscript (this prize rewards a thesis in graph theory, defended in France during year 2015-2016).

Fomer students:

  • Tristan BENOIT (Master 1 internship - 3 months), co-supervised with Laurent Beaudou, Florent Foucaud and Florent Madelaine
  • Ni Luh Dewi SINTIARI (Master 1 internship - 3 months), co-supervised with Nicolas Bousquet.


  • 2012-2015: PhD student from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon;  PhD supervisor: Stéphan Thomassé

Interactions between Cliques and Stable Sets in a Graph.

(Click on the link above to open my thesis. The main chapters are written in English.)


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