Conformance testing with ioco proxy-testers: application to web service compositions deployed in clouds


This paper describes a conformance testing method which aims at passively testing the conformance of component-based systems. This paper addresses the problem of reaction sequence observation in implementation environments where the installation of testing tools is not possible. The originality of the method resides in the definition of a proxy-tester model from a specification and in the reformulation of the ioco test relation with proxy-tester properties. Initially, we define the proxy-tester model and we give the theoretical background to automatically generate proxy-testers from specifications modelled with input-output symbolic transition system (IOSTS). The second part of this paper describes the application of this method on web service compositions deployed in Clouds. We provide algorithms and passive tester architectures to collect traces from several concurrent composition instances running in parallel. Finally, we present the testing tool Cloud Paste and experiment results on two Clouds, Google AppEngine and Windows Azure.

International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology, 2015 Vol.7 No.3, pp.321 - 347