Test Case Backward Generation for Communicating Systems from Event Logs


This paper is concerned with generating test cases for communicating systems. Instead of considering that a complete and up-to-date specification is provided, we assume having an event log collected from an implementation. Event logs are indeed more and more considered for helping IT personnel understand and monitor system behaviours or performance. We propose an approach allowing to extract sessions and business knowledge from an event log and to generate an initial set of test cases under the form of abstract test models. The test architecture is adaptable and taken into consideration during this generation. Then, this approach applies 11 test case mutation operators on test cases to mimic possible failures. These operators, which are specialised to communicating systems, perform slight modifications by affecting the event sequences, the data, or injecting unexpected events. Executable test cases are finally derived from the test models.

17th International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT), july 2022, Lisbon, Portugal